Change Through the Power of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help overcome many underlying issues such as addiction, emotional disorders, assertiveness, chronic pain, cravings, death and loss, fears and phobias, insomnia, obsessive behaviors, self esteem, trauma and spiritual growth. Claire’s ten years of experience has given her a depth of knowledge in treating:

Alcoholism and Addictions

Alcoholism and addictions can be arrested but not cured. Hypnotherapy can provide a profound influence in early recovery to increase chances of successful abstinence by:

  • Understanding personal triggers
  • Changing patterns of self-sabotage
  • Releasing past trauma
  • Reducing cravings
  • Creating a stable and solid foundation for a lifetime of recovery
  • Treatment of dual diagnosis


Chronic anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD impacts many of us.  The symptoms are real and overwhelming, and can influence the quality of our daily lives.  Hypnotic suggestion is an effective tool when used to address and desensitize underlying emotions and events that controls anxiety, creating much needed inner calm by:

  • Clearing pathways of destructive reasoning
  • Making lifestyle changes to reduce stress levels
  • Understanding unresolved memories, trauma and life events
  • Taking control over thought patterns, emotions and responses
  • Living in the present moment
  • Anticipating current life triggers
  • Achieving a psychological and physical relaxed state
  • Resolving trauma and anxiety triggers
  • Avoiding anxiety medication that can cause addiction

Life Passages

Guided imagery and working within the subconscious will help you pass through difficult life passages. Whether it be for chronic illness or the death of a loved one, the healing and coping process is so much easier when guided imagery and hypnosis are in play.

  • Assisting recovery after surgery through guided imagery to reduce anxiety and allow the mind and body to focus on healing
  • Reducing anxiety and giving relief around aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Before surgery to reduce anxiety and fear and find a level of peace and calm
  • Using hypnotic suggestion to aid with fast and responsive healing
  • Giving and understanding the resolution of death of a loved one to integrate loss and create change through the power of the subconscious mind
  • How to deal with acute illness and pain

Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking can be extremely challenging.  Smoking is both an addiction and a habit, thus the treatment needs to address both the physical addiction and mental associations. If there is true desire to quit, the use of hypnosis to quit smoking is an effective tool used to give up and become a permanent ex smoker by:

  • Changing thought patterns
  • Utilizing negative associations to cigarettes
  • Establishing healthier habits
  • Understanding personal triggers
  • Diminishing impulse to smoke
  • Reducing cravings
  • Providing therapeutic self hypnosis tools and affirmations

Equestrian Sports Performance

Nerves and past experiences can have an adverse effect on a rider’s performance. Hypnosis can be effective in enabling a rider to:

  • Let go of past failures and fears
  • Reduce show anxiety
  • Gain confidence
  • Be in harmony with their horse
  • Remain calm and relaxed
  • Achieve highest performance

Strategies for Relationships

Grief and loss due to the end of a marriage/long-term relationship and a divided family is so often an emotionally painful and overwhelming experience. Hypnosis can provide much needed relief by:

  • Integrating healthy coping methods
  • Find the systemic subconscious problems in your relationship, in order to find a calmer and clearer place from which to communicate
  • Understanding personal denial and isolation
  • Cleansing mind and body by releasing anger due to feelings of betrayal
  • Regaining self esteem
  • Calming the mind through guided imagery to find clarity about next steps & the future
  • Redefining and establishing new goals for a calmer and more serene life
  • Help with SLA (Sex and Love Addiction)

Weight Loss/Relationship with Food

  • Changing negative patterns around food
  • Emotional eating, installing new strategies and coping mechanisms
  • Creating long term weight loss and healthy body weigh
  • Reprogramming negative body image
  • Changing the narrative of the perpetual dieter


In addition to the practice areas listed above, Claire also treats the following:

  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • OCD Disorder
  • ADHD – increasing neuro development
  • ADD
  • Financial Recovery: Working with individuals around issues of money, family issues surrounding money
  • Working with people to find a healthy financial relationship to money

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