Back to School Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy for kids

It’s that time of year again: Children all over the US are going back to school, or starting college. Whether it means they are starting a new school, starting middle school, high school or even starting college, this can be a time of anxiety and stress.

There will be some common concerns such as:

. Will I be able to make new friends?

. Will I like my teachers or more likely will my teachers like me?

. How will I be able to cope if I get targeted by bullies?

. How will I cope living away from my family?

Clearly, many factors can lead to children or young adults being overwhelmed with anxiety about going back to school. Some could be as simple as a young child wanting to avoid the stressful experience of separation anxiety, wanting special attention from Mom or Dad or perhaps there is an underlying issue at home that’s lurking in their subconscious. The important thing is to get to the root of the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. It’s critical to consider everything that is going on with your child and take a good hard look at the whole picture and not focus just on the school. One would need to consider whether the concerns are typical back to school issues or if the worries are indicative of a deeper anxiety.

There are even times where these anxieties can manifest in physical complaints: headaches, gastrointestinal issues, or a significant change in eating habits. These symptoms could be a sub-conscious attempt at missing school, or even having parents come and pick up children from school early. Younger children may not have developed their emotional IQ enough to be able to directly talk about their concerns and express themselves adequately. Some level of social anxiety is expected and very normal, however parents need to be diligent in assessing whether there is a pattern of behavior that leads to deeper concerns.

In College age children / young adults it’s important to remind them to lower expectations of themselves in social and academic situations because more often than not, these expectations are due to the self-imposed bar being set too high.

If talking about these fears isn’t getting you anywhere, you may want to consider hypnotherapy. Conventional therapy can also help, but a few simple sessions with a hypnotherapist can prove invaluable insight to deeper underlying causes that are lurking in the sub-conscious mind. Too many people resort to medicating their children as a quick fix. This may prove to be unnecessary and create new problems that could have been avoided by proper insight to the root of the issues. In some cases, with proper diagnosis, medication may be the answer. But don’t discount the holistic approach before making your decision.

Once the underlying triggers are discovered through hypnotherapy, the problem can be addressed head on with great success thus preventing long term complications with depression or chronic anxiety that could lead to a less than optimal school experience hindering what should be a great and fulfilling journey in both social and academic growth.

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