Healing Trauma Through Hypnotherapy

Healing trauma through hypnotherapy
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Trauma has no sense of time. Unfortunately, traumatic events stay with us and affect our functioning as well as our mental and physical health.

Through the power of hypnotherapy on the subconscious mind (where most often traumatic events are stored), and by understanding and recognizing trauma, we have an opportunity to heal.

What is considered Trauma?

This is a vast topic that can include anything from childhood experiences to events that take place at any point in one’s life. The death of a loved one, accidents, separation from a caregiver, divorce, bullying and practically anything that has to do with coming from a family where there is chaos and dysfunction. Other traumas can be sexual assault, natural disasters, domestic violence or a traumatic loss.

Trauma can manifest in many ways, the most prevalent being anxiety and depression. It can also show up as nightmares, flashbacks, the inability to function on a daily basis, or the constant replaying of a specific event in your mind. Any of the mentioned symptoms become Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD, which comes from sustained trauma.

How can Hypnotherapy help you overcome and heal from trauma?

The first step to explore is the patient’s history. The trauma a patient has suffered will have imprinted itself within the brain and the body – so that the patient will be stuck feeling that the trauma is happening in the present. Hypnotherapy will help the patient access the specific information from the trauma that has been hidden in their subconscious mind – as well as in their physical body – thus assisting them to address it head on. The event can be re-examined and processed, leading to a transformation of the experience into one where the patient has control through a better understanding of the negative effects that were left behind.

Hypnotherapy sessions will focus on giving the patient an opportunity to reclaim a sense of control over their lives. There are certain “tools” and methods that are used to help the patient access the confident, wise and strong part of their being, thus re-training their subconscious mind to draw from a healthier place. It’s incredible how much healing is achieved with ego strengthening.

Almost all clients who suffer from PTSD or trauma will inevitably resort to some form of “escapism” or “avoidance” in their lives. This could be anything from unconsciously numbing their emotions, substance abuse, conscious or unconscious disassociation (avoiding certain places or certain people) or some form of addictive behavior. Any form of escapism or avoidance can leave one feeling incomplete, alone and detached. Hypnotherapy can help restoring the self. By giving a voice to the lost parts of the self, the parts that were lost in a desperate means for survival. Under hypnosis, the hypnotherapist helps the patient revisit the trauma while safely guiding them and making available tools and choices that may not have been present at the time the trauma took place. The goal would be to fortify a sense of control and a release of the negative imprints that have effected the patient when trauma originally occurred.

In conclusion

A hypnotherapist’s goal is to enable the patient to feel as if they have forgotten the painful, paralyzing element of the traumatic events of their past, while keeping intact the factual details. Once those elements are released, the patient can change their perception of those specific traumatizing events and past experiences, processing them and finally releasing them.

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