The Mind is Everything … you are what you think.

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Our mind is who we are and our perception of our lives create the fiber of the life we live.  We should remind ourselves to be conscious of our subconscious mind, as this is where the answers lie.

Our world today is becoming increasingly paralyzing and distracting through the constant and incessant news channels, media and social media.  News channels compete for ratings through fear mongering. The media sensationalizes the lives of the rich and famous.  Social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter compete by encouraging constant updates, notifications, photos, live streams, chats, and real time stories.  It seems that today’s media has no boundaries and the onus is on us to learn to step away and limit these influences, in order to live healthy and present lives.

Social Media has created a new and powerful phenomenon – Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). The constant Social Media culture is not only addictive but can lead to social anxiety, envy, self doubt, sense of inadequacy, depression and irritability.  The continuous updates indulge us to compare our lives with those of others, as it suggests that we to ‘can have it all’.  It enables us to easily slip into another’s reality and observe relationships, spending, social lives, business investments, job opportunities. This leaves many with a feeling of vulnerability, resentment, isolation, and regret about their own life choices.  For some this fear of ‘missing out’ serves as a catalyst for anti social behavior.  One can become inclined to stay home, increasingly addicted to looking in on what they’re missing out on, whilst inadvertently missing out on their own lives.

It is worth remembering that our thoughts create our feelings and our emotions become our behavior. Behavior shapes our character, our reality and our destiny.  Through hypnotherapy, working with the subconscious mind we can create new thought patterns, changing old behavior and initiating a new, positive healthy reality.  Fears are only as real as we make them, so find time to turn off your phones every now and then.  Turn off the news.  Change it up, make your day fun, watch comedy, laugh, create positive pathways!

Start your day with gratitude, be kind to yourself, see beauty in simplicity, and learn to live in the fullness of the moment and not the emptiness of the media.


If you need any assistance and feel you can benefit from Hypnotherapy, you can always contact me.

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