Change Through the Power of Hypnotherapy

Welcome to my first blog! It has been an incredible life journey for me to reach this point where I feel empowered to share elements of the wonderful personal path I have traveled. A journey of incredible high points and some very deep low points.

I first encountered hypnotherapy through my love of horse riding. I always rode well at home and in practice with my trainers, but as soon as I started entering competitions, I found the confidence just draining from me! It was as if I had reverted to completely unskilled novice status, to the point where I was utterly paralyzed with anxiety. In turning to hypnotherapy as a focusing tool to counter my anxiety, I found it fundamentally altered how I approached shows and I started winning events. I can’t explain why the change was so profound, but it just worked for me. My old fears never returned and I became a powerful and competent competitor.

I also worked with a hypnotherapist to process through an emotionally devastating divorce which left me feeling mentally unregulated, fearful and completely powerless. My rational conscious mind could not process the enormity of the situation, but my subconscious had the power i needed. Whatever my conscious mind was told, and however much I talked through my sadness, nothing changed. Giving me subconscious messages was the key to changing around my issues. In conjunction with traditional therapy, I regained the confidence and ability to get through the trauma of the end of my marriage, move home, and take sole custody of my son. I know to my core that I would not have come through it as quickly had hypnotherapy not been part of my healing.

Furthermore, I came to believe that a combination of traditional therapy for mental health alongside hypnotherapy could provide a quicker route to facilitate the necessary changes. I became fascinated when working as a marriage and family therapist why some people seemed to progress quickly whilst others became stuck in a retrogressive groove. My research led me to discover The Hypnosis Motivational Institute, and I was amazed to find that the top accredited school in the country was located in my adopted city of Los Angeles. I decided that it was time for me to study hypnotherapy, extend my skill set and in turn, give back by doing my own work in the field.

With hypnotherapy, you can change the way you think, create new habits, and achieve your desired goals. Hypnotherapy gives you the best possible chance of success as it addresses the subconscious mind rather than the conscious. The union of both, working in harmony,gives us a greater chance of development and goal accomplishment.

I hope you that you too can find the relief, recovery and progress that I have experienced along with many of my clients. Please, if you have any questions, just call me and we will go from there.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading.


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